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FWA's mission is to showcase cutting edge creativity, regardless of the medium or technology used. FWA was established in May 2000 as Favourite Website Awards, in England, UK. FWA is where you go to experience cutting-edge innovation in digital design and development. It’s a space that encourages the digital industry to push the boundaries of technology, to show people what is possible. We have an international team of over 300 judges (150+ men and 150+ women), who vote daily on submitted projects. Submitted projects can be watched live, in judging, just follow the "Live Judging"



World Wide Web Awards Award

Chicago Tribune

  • Beating the likes of The Webby Awards, YouTube Video Awards, The Bloggies and many others, FWA scooped the inaugural version of this unique award that recognised the best web award in the world, from the Chicago Tribune.

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