Glen Scotia Distillery


12 High St, Campbeltown PA28 6DS, UK


Phone : 01586552288 Glen Scotia is among the tiniest Scotch whisky distilleries in Scotland but one of the big names of Campbeltown. Our beautiful distillery still preserves much of its initial layout, including the mash tun, the stillroom as well as the dunnage stockroom dating from the 1830s. The last century saw rough times for the whisky distilleries of Campbeltown, yet our heritage endures. Rich in initial features and equipment, Glen Scotia is an evocative as well as one-of-a-kind place to work, in addition to going to. We work hard to preserve the distillery's historic structures and also work with treatment and also pride and also love showing visitors around. To now, we're following in the footprints of our founders, distilling whisky using conventional methods, thoroughly producing the unique Campbeltown maritime style we've come to be world well-known for. But we make more than whisky at Glen Scotia. In the yard you'll discover two hives, where our resident bees create their delicious honey. Glen Scotia has always produced two designs of whisky-- peated and also non peated. Commonly our peated whisky is made over a duration of 6 weeks each year. For many years the top quality of our whisky has grown, with longer fermentation and also vatting of the malted barley, along with a slower and a lot more cautious distillation. But overall the process has continued to be the same. Although we no longer malt our own barley, we purchase in Scottish malted barley to our exact requirements in order to keep real Glen Scotia personality with our distilling process. We 'd enjoy welcoming you to Glen Scotia. Campbeltown is a very unique area in Scotland, described as 'the centre of the universe' by several of its present residents. With a wealth of abundant farmland, neighborhood barley, peat and also fresh water, it was practically inevitable it would certainly come to be a vital part of the history of whisky distilling. Distilling on the Kintyre peninsula goes back to 1609 with the approving of the very first permit to generate 'aqua vitae'. In the Victorian age, Campbeltown was known as the whisky funding of the world-- one of the five distinct malt creating regions of Scotland, specifically Highland, Speyside, Lowland as well as Islay and also naturally, Campbeltown. Glen Scotia is a fine instance of this historic region.