Hadlock Rolfing

Health Consultant, Pain Management Physician

Mesa, AZ 85206, USA


Address: 4455 E Broadway Rd, Suite 103 Mesa, AZ 85206 Phone: 480-470-2166 Tylan is a certified Rolfer in Mesa, AZ. Rolfing gets the kinks out of your fascial system. But the human body is much more complex than a simple garden hose, so just knowing how to "fix" a kink isn't enough. Rolfing Structural Integration helps you systematically organize the fascia in your body so you can feel better and move more freely. Over a series of 10 progressive sessions, we work to gradually increase your support, adaptability, and balance. Each session focuses on a different area of the body and reinforces the work done in previous sessions. This is hands-on work and requires participation from both the Rolfer and the client.