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- IAM IS ABOUT PEOPLE & DIVERSITY - We supply the faces and bodies industry with diversity and a fresh approach From production agencies to brands or individuals, we provide faces, bodies and personalities to those that are looking for people who are individual..and a little bit special! There is a healthy market in today’s media for authenticity, people engage intimately and thoroughly with visual content they can relate to, so we’re always on the look out in and around London & the UK for new, real, genuine faces. We make the casting process a joy and less of a burden for content professionals. We enjoy meeting unique people, ‘real’ people, people like you and me on the streets of London & the UK and linking them to our clients and their brands. But we’re not just a street casting agency. We also source the more traditional models/faces and match them with our clients that are just as diverse as the faces we find. Our experience of placement, advice and direction for the more classic faces and bodies mean that we offer a rounded and diverse selection of people. We work closely with all involved to provide a professional service between our clients and the people we supply. Our casting solutions are unique and unparalleled within London and the UK. Our casting directors will help you source faces and models for your projects and briefs. We orchestrate the entire event, providing not only faces but also photographers, videographers, editors and central London casting spaces and locations. For more information email the team

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