Illustrated World Series

LIVE tournaments! Artists battle to become world No.1


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What’s the story … There’s no doubting we're home-grown! Formerly known as ‘Showcase Cities’, we began in 2010 with a series of small, regular East London events featuring local artists. In 2015 we re-branded as 'ILLUSTRATED', an annual Exhibition with live competitions, seminars and workshops. We continued to experiment with event formats culminating in the creation and launch of the Illustrated World Series (IWS) in 2017: Artists battle head-to-head in 60 minute bouts to create an A2 illustration inspired by a recent news headline. Watch the world’s top illustrators compete LIVE, witness a clash of styles as they battle to become no.1 With an exciting programme of live tournaments unfolding over the next 3 years, the IWS is set to become a world leader in creative E-Sports arena. Check out for more!

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