Jameyla Kiswani Maroules, LLC.

Transforming Limitation into Limitless Possibility


Jameyla Kiswani Maroules, LLC. adheres to a form of coaching that honors the client as equal to life – able and capable to produce that which the client is committed to generating in their life, leadership and enterprises. Our coaching technology is designed to reveal breakthrough insights into the client’s life and lived experience. What makes our coaching technology uniquely experiential is the client gets to experience the breakthrough insights as the client discovers them – that experience takes the client out of the domain of knowing and understanding themselves into the domain of experiencing themselves in relationship to their self-discovery with a heightened sense of awareness and a new and expanded sense of freedom and agency. The coaching process is designed with integrity, to reliably and consistently produce the results outlined in each service. Access to the results is a matter of the client’s integrity - their commitment, choices, actions, and application of the coaching process.

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