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Art installations, Digital design and Workshops

Manchester, United Kingdom


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Upon making friends at Leeds Arts University in 2016, eager students Aimee Parker and Hollie Webb pooled their creative ideas together to form the design duo: Jive. Born in the hustle of the UK & moulded with the spirit of New Zealand; Jive specialise in digital design, art installations and workshops. Having drawn influence from either side of the globe, Jive is an ever-evolving entity with a love for vibrant design constantly at its core. Whilst offering bold, colourful art installations and design services, Jive enjoy creating their own loud and playful pieces for the aesthetic pleasure of those who like to be wowed – look no further than the online shop! From their studio in Ancoats (Manchester, UK) Jive is more equipped than ever to meeting your needs whilst ensuring the importance of sustainable production is paramount. Working closely with organisations and individuals that are ethically aligned makes this achievable – moving WITH the environment to bring the local art community together! With project experience in (but not bound by) album art, packaging, murals, festival art and clothing; Jive’s always there if you’re looking for flair! Words by Dale Burgess

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