John Gaule Nutrition



Address: Bunmahon Waterford Phone: +353 089 611 3070 Email: John Gaule Nutrition is a high performance online nutrition consultancy. Specialising in areas such as Body Composition - weight-loss and muscle gain Sports Nutrition (amateurs & Pros). Relationship with Food. Digestive Issues. Hormone related issues (Hypothalamic amennorhea, PCOS, PMS & More). Lifestyle (energy, sleep, libido). Whether you're preparing for a race or want to improve your health, John Gaule's coaching gives you the tools to take control of your nutrition. As an Irish based nutritionist, John provides tailored nutrition & way of life advice. This means online coaching & advice that adapts to YOUR routine, so you can reach your goals sustainably. With John Gaule Nutrition, you'll be equipped with the abilities to develop and also maintain health and also performance for the long-term.