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The Keeward Design studio is a team of multifaceted and resourceful designers, based out of Brussels. We are part of a larger ecosystem known as the Keeward Group made up of developers, marketers, producers, strategists and enthusiasts that are spread out across 10 global cities. Through this we are able to tackle any project with a 360○ approach. The fact that we all have different backgrounds and experiences allows us take on any design problem with a sharp perspective. At the end of the day this constant exchange helps us build a strong visual universe around any brand. “We believe in the power of design. That with the right ammunition, a venture will find its following. We've already sunk our teeth into the cultural, technological and music sectors, and had a hell of a good time doing it.” From storytelling to seductive interfaces, we aim to engage audiences under one cohesive message. Once our designs are released to the public, we give them room to breathe but keep an eye on their performance. Analytics allow for continuous improvement. Our project teams are never complete without our clients. From ideation to design, development and dissemination, we collaborate closely, involving them in every part of our process. If we are all in the same boat, we can keep an eye out for icebergs, or UFOs, and pivot when needed. Out of our many collaborations, enduring partnerships were born. By doing so, we’ve helped startups and digital companies across different continents talk, walk and soar. Arabic, English and French (no subtitles needed). What we offer: Brand Strategies • Brand Identities • Digital Interface Design • Marketing & Communication Collaterals • Design of Print Books & E-Books • Social Media Strategies • Original Content Creation Strategies • User Experience and Prototyping • Website and App Development

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