Lapp the brand

Championing women's issues through fashion.

London, United Kingdom

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Established in 2016 by Leomie Anderson, this LAPP or LAPP The Brand was created to embody the 21st century girl and producing clothes that represent not only their style but their issues. LAPP stands for ‘Leomie Anderson the Project the Purpose’ and spawned from Leomie’s outspoken stance on women’s issues including the pressures that young girls face in today’s society. The first capsule collection is based around reclaiming the word ‘No’ and, page as Leomie put it, “Making young girls feel cool to say no in the face of pressure”. After Leomie’s open letter to her readers discussing the issue of consent and the right to say no went viral, Leomie began working on the t-shirt collection and was inspired by phrases girls use to say no to men. The aim was to make girls feel proud and confident to say no to situations they don’t feel comfortable in and remove the negative misogyny around women denying men their bodies, something Anderson feels too many young girls fall victim to. LAPP is all about empowering women and promoting confidence, positivity and unity through fashion and creating another platform to voice womens issues.

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