Moments are more than photos

London, United Kingdom

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LETSMEMO is a safe platform for parents to curate their children’s most treasured moments. Families are creating endless memories on mum and dad's phone. They are not just photos. They are also too busy to organize. Currently parents are expected to capture everything and then find a safe, protected place to house their kids’ memories. Since this does not exist, mum and dad are coming up with creative ways like emailing themselves/their kids these moments, recording voice memos, notes, creating closed WhatsApp groups, writing blogs, dropping them in Dropbox folders. None of this works and with privacy concerns escalating, parents are still creating cherished moments with their kids and don't know where to put them. LETSMEMO will unite the many parents who wish to encapsulate their most precious moments with loved ones but simply don’t have the time or place. We will celebrate parents and empower them to create beautiful, shareable moments for themselves and those they love… in an everlasting way.

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