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Hi, I'm Tom. For a complete list of my content and social media, please see my Linktree here, or visit: linktr.ee/tomlofkin I’m a writer. I’m a Creative Writing postgrad and I’ve also worked as a proofreader, a supply teacher and in a call centre. Introvert, literature/film/music/video game fanatic, deep thinker and perpetual learner. Everything I’ve learned in life has come from books, films, video games, and other forms of art. After seeing how Ali Abdaal, Derek Sivers and Nat Eliason publicise their book notes, I decided I would write some reviews, articles and notes for books, films, music, video games, and any other forms of art that I’ve enjoyed. I try to keep the pieces I write brief, but detailed enough to give you a clear idea of what parts you might find interesting. I also assign a general rating, but this only serves to measure the broadness of the piece’s appeal. It is my hope that this will help you to discover something new to engage with.

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