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We are MACHINESHOP We specialise in the design, fabrication and operation of practical in-camera special effects, model-making, electro-mechanical rigs and animatronics, as well as a wide range of live atmospheric and pyrotechnic floor-effects for all forms of film, tv and commercial production. Our Special Projects division gets out of bed for the weird, the unusual, and the hardcore tech projects; kinetic sculptures, automated systems, permanent installations and product development, and can handle all stages from design to manufacture through to installation and maintenance. At our workshop in Park Royal, NW10 we are able to offer an extensive array of services from special effects equipment hires, 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC fabrication, modelling, prototyping, software development, electronics, carpentry, metal fabrication, puppet making, scenic painting, CAD, design engineering, all the way through to complete project management. Our remit is endless, yet our specialty is unique. There is no creative idea that we can’t puzzle out a solution for. Flying mopeds, a mini rave in a Seat Ibiza, 3D printing rain, a car stuffed full of marshmallows, a precise replica of the trike from the Shining, museum interactives, huge installations of mechanical mirrors on a cruise ship, complete SFX packages for feature films; these are just a small example of the massive scope of projects we’ve turned our minds to over the years. Our teams are simply unfazed by the impossible, and we love a challenge. Bring us yours. In October 2020, Machine Shop Special Effects became an Employee-Owned Trust (‘EOT’) marking a new chapter in the company’s history. We now emerge honed, tempered and evolved as: MACHINESHOP - a company run by the employees for the benefit of all employees, with a singular purpose: to solve the problems others cannot.

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