Mad Moon Studio

Indianapolis, United States


We are a team of dedicated, passionate, authentic and professional creative artists with an experience of more than 5 years in the illustration, comics, gaming and animation industry. Having worked for several creative design based companies we are here to bring you all kinds of art work including book illustrations, comics, concept charecter and background designs, storyboards, game art and all other kinds of creative artwork. Here in Mad Moon Studio our goal is to deliver cutting-edge artwork to the interested clients keeping in mind the urgency of delivering the work right on time and at the same time maintaining an industry standard quality of artwork at a very fair, reasonable and decent price and that also strictly emphasizing on the client's vision and demand at par. As a team of artists we really respect and take pleasure in working with both individuals and companies who support art and helps this industry in achieving new heights. Service Description As a dedicated Mad Moon team, we work with the sole motive to fulfill the client's demand and satisfaction. We provide both specific demand-oriented style of work and also a wide range of ideas, styles and concepts for clients looking for something unique and original in their work. Numerous revisions and refinement are provided for the client's complete and optimum satisfaction. We remain available 24 x 7 for taking up work and instant recognition of client's feedback. We work precisely according to the client's need and according to that plan efficiently to deliver the given work within the given time. Having worked for several creative studios we know how to deliver jobs with tight deadlines. Delivering the work in time and with optimum quality is our main ethics of professionalism. We provide all kinds of creative artwork, such as........ - All kinds of Book Illustrations . - Comic Books - Children Books - Story Books - Academic Books, etc . - Concept Art for Games, Movies, Animation, etc . - Storyboards for Movies, TV series, TV commercials, Comics, WhiteBoard - All kinds of Digital Painting . - Portraits, Caricatures, Cartooning . - Mascot Design, Sticker Design, Logo Design, T-Shirt Design, Urban Design and Tatoo Designs . - Album Art .

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