MadWomxn Magazine

A feminist zine platforming voices of marginalised genders.


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We are a creative zine platforming and showcasing the voices of women and all marginalised genders. We are inclusive of everyone regardless of your gender identity and are aiming to share our creative work and stories on a platform bigger than ever before. We think about what is important now. We think about the importance of our collective power to support and uplift each other. We think about what makes each of us who we are and how important it is to listen to each other's powerful voices, connect to each others cultures, lived experiences and the pathways that has brought us where we are today. The work within this magazine is a result of us all authentically engaging with a real and honest intersectional approach to diversity and womanhood simply because it is who we are. A printed and digital zine that will be a constant supportive and safe space for all. We have also got an amazing community over on instagram / @madwomxnmagazine and strive to bring our community into events and other spaces. Watch this space. We are all Mad Womxn.

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