Engaging, explorative and maker-led learning opportunities.

Brighton, United Kingdom



OUR MISSION We believe all young people should be given the opportunity to shine, and here at MAKE:DO we are on a mission to do just that! Our unique art, design and engineering programme uses real tools and materials to solve interesting and unusual problems, challenging young people to view themselves and the world around them differently. We work with schools, alternative education providers and local communities to design meaningful and creative projects that promote creativity, curiosity, collaboration and confidence. And we want to be able to offer more engaging, explorative, maker-led workshops to young people who are increasingly being denied such opportunities. THE PROBLEM It is widely acknowledged that the most important life skills we can instil in our young people to prepare them for the ever-changing world around them are critical thinking and problem solving; team work and collaboration; creativity and innovation; and the ability to be self-directed, lifelong learners. Yet the subjects that these skills are inherent in - the creative arts - are being cut in schools at an alarming rate: - GCSE courses in Design and Technology have disappeared from nearly half of UK secondary schools (survey by Association of School and College Leaders, 2017) - Creative arts subjects are being cut back in many secondary schools in England - nine in every ten said they had cut back on lesson time, staff or facilities in at least one creative arts subject (survey by the BBC, 2018) There is a striking correlation between the number of young people not in education, employment and training (NEET), the decline of a broad, dynamic, creative curriculum and an increase in rote learning and standardised testing. Whatever way you look at it, it isn't good! Not for the wellbeing or life chances of our young people, and certainly not for our economy. THE SOLUTION 'Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status' -- Sir Ken Robinson It is clear that instead of educating our young people out of their creativity, we should be harnessing the innate opportunities designing, making, building and creating provide in developing critical 21st century skills. There are countless studies that attest to the social, emotional and academic benefits of arts experiences in a young person's life: 'students who have arts-rich experiences in school do better across-the-board academically, and they also become more active and engaged citizens, voting and volunteering' (Catteral, 2012); not to mention the economic contribution our creative industries make - almost £10 million an hour according to Government figures (2016). If the creative arts are being cut from the classroom, we must find new and innovative ways for young people to explore and express their creativity. OUR PROGRAMME MAKE:DO offers a wide-range of creative opportunities for young people to get excited about learning through making; using real tools and materials to solve real design problems, collaborating with professional practitioners and uncovering new (or forgotten) talents. Our principle programme consists of: - After school clubs - One-day and weekend workshops - Curriculum consultation and development We are particularly passionate about levelling the playing field, ensuring all young people are given equal opportunities and offer specialised sessions dedicated to empowering more young women in the field of engineering, creative curriculum options for homeschooled youth and workshops supporting socially and emotionally vulnerable young people.

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