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Mediamatic operates at the forefront of societal challenges, changes, and socially urgent themes. Through a crossover between art and science, we break through existing structures and make way for progressive ideas. We work at the intersection between design and ecology, and house several laboratories where we can work with living organisms, odor, and vertical agriculture and many more outlooks. We develop new art forms and new talents and function as a laboratory for other institutions. We are located in Amsterdam city center and act as an international breeding ground. Our program always focuses on the following values: artistic quality, innovation, originality, transparency, sustainability and social urgency. For us, the audience is more than just a spectator: We are always looking for ways to facilitate the transition from audience to participant. This means that we actively involve the public as much as possible. Mediamatic is an experimental testing ground for art projects at the intersection of design and science.

People who have worked with Mediamatic