Get Your Sh*t Together!


Born from a lifetime of late nights, missed or double booked days & frankly, far too much on our To Do Lists, Methodical is about helping you to get your sh*t together... methodically. We scour the globe for items that make writing & life easier; letting you live your life a little more productively; without the pressure of a task unfinished or the incessant pinging phone giving you anxiety. Born from a love of stationery & an incessant need to be organised, Methodical, formerly known as The Study Room London, has been a passion of our founder, Lucinda a lifelong stationery nerd, who with over seven years’ experience in buying, managing multiple, her time & products (people, too) she has learnt a thing or two about productivity & exactly why you should be armed with a notebook & pen. Methodical curate considered, design led stationery supplies for the modern creative, using colour theory, time management & psychological techniques. All of Methodical’s edits are designed not only to fit seamlessly into your life & work, but help you be your most productive, helping you work to live, not the other way around.

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