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MMBP & Associates is a creative office that imbues brands with cultural capital. We believe that having an awareness of, and sensitivity to, societal shifts is crucial if innovation is to happen. We are reshaping worldviews by connecting local culture with a global audience. Based in London and Seoul, MMBP & Associates collaborates with an international network of partners who value immersive, real-world analysis as the foundation for creative ventures. The company takes a holistic approach to brand design, working to detect potential business challenges while developing creative solutions. Our Method Whether guiding external brands or launching its own, MMBP & Associates conducts research that cuts through to business concerns and opportunities. At MMBP & Associates, we break down the boundaries traditionally found between client, agency and external partners to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and transparency. Our agile associates model is a response to the fact that each project calls for its own collection of independent consultants, agencies, studios or other creative and commercial outfits, resulting in truly bespoke solutions. Our global network also provides access to independent thought leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries who take on advisory roles, providing feedback and initial market reactions, testing hypotheses and, importantly, helping to seed new ideas with key industry figures. These methods, combined with editorial know-how, keep MMBP & Associates at the forefront, where it brings culture, brands and content to new audiences.



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  • Rebranding of the Kingdom of Bhutan


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  • Rebranding of the Kingdom of Bhutan

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