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Monkey's Wedding are a London-based creative studio, specialising in creating broadcast and digital experiences. As you'd expect, the idea of Monkey's Wedding was born in a shady pub in Eastern Europe. Our founding mother and father(s) share a passion for everything that defines advertising: pace, challenge and opportunity. The same things that are often accompanied by a stiff drink. What we offer is simple: we combine the experience of veterans with the creativity that's often lost from brainstorm to boardroom. We're not here to reinvent the wheel, but we’ve got a knack for tread that sticks. We're passionate about ideas that create real value. If they leave a lasting mark — even better. Our studio has borrowed South African slang ‘Monkey’s Wedding’ meaning ‘sunshower’ to capture everything it is we do here. We like to believe that even the best of ideas need a rinse and refresh once in a while. Scrub a dub dub?