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Mosaic Films is a well-established documentary and animation production company with a proud history of making award-winning creative documentaries and animated films in the UK and throughout the world. Mosaic is known for its innovate approach to subject matter and style, and has won numerous awards – including 3 BAFTAs and multiple RTS (Royal Television Society) Awards. Its portfolio includes the award- winning ‘To Courtney with Love’, the series ‘A Year in Tibet’, the multi award-winning animated documentary series ‘Seeking Refuge’ and :”Animated Minds” and - most recently -the award-winning “Out of Thin Air” a psychological “True Crime” documentary for BBC Storyville and Netflix. We are part of the Mosaic Family of production companies, including the motion design studio MoMo. Mosaic’s strength is in telling compelling stories - often about human rights, social justice, psychology, mental health and those aspects of what it means to be human, that are often left untold. We pride ourselves in using engaging - and often novel - ways of telling visual stories, and have made long format feature documentaries, TV series, New and Current Affairs, as well as musical documentaries, animated documentaries (We’re proud of our unique position in having made over 100 short animated documentaries), and a wealth of short films for both for broadcasters as well as increasingly digital distribution on new and emerging platforms. We have a wealth of experience making films in some of the most challenging production environments in the world. The Mosaic producers have worked extensively in Russia, the Middle East, India the Far East and in Africa. We have had offices in both Moscow and Jerusalem and have made films in most parts of the world. We have particular expertise in working with film-makers native to the country in which a particular project is located. Mosaic is proud to have worked with filmmakers from Russia, Pakistan, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, India, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria, Malaysia, Japan, and every country in the original European Union.

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