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Contact Information +1-202-667-6955 3068 Mount Pleasant St NW Washington DC 20009 USA Hi, I'm Nicholas, owner of NanaDC. Due to my interest with the advancement of technology and toughness rolled into a single wrist watch, reviewing various watches turned to be my hobby. Because of these newly-acquired info, I knew that the kind of watch you put on through the day, or in your entire life, could greatly affect how you live your life daily. The reviews created on this site were thoroughly looked into. A few are even made out of my own experience with such watches. Safe to say I have been through some brand's site numerous times that I can recognize whether they updated their site or not. Checking out the comments section on prominent and trusted online outlets have also been a part of my routine. Beyond anything, evaluating different watches is my way of assisting others who were just as clueless as I am the first time I chose to buy my first legit watch. It was a result of my hard-earned money, so I preferred my very first high class watch to be memorable and made with only the best materials. A watch is not just a piece of accessory you wear, it could also be your bestfriend.