Nette' Leather Goods

Traditionally hand made leather goods with a modern twist


Nette’ is the baby of California-born, UK-based designer Johnette' Taylor, who has blended laid-back West Coast style with sharp east London innovation to create a brand that reflects the best of both. From its start in 2010, Nette’s collection of handcrafted leather goods and accessories has grown from its origins in Brick Lanes Sunday Upmarket stall into a flourishing London brand. Johnette’s passion for sewing began at an early age and her flair for design was developed through degree courses at the London College of Fashion and the Fashion Institute of Merchandising in Los Angeles. She later specialized in leather craftsmanship, creating bespoke bags, wallets and small accessories from her design studio located at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, London. A recipient of many craft awards including a Prince’s Trust grant in 2010 to start training and bursaries for her outstanding work in leather making. Johnette’ handcrafts each piece from scratch, using high quality, locally sourced leather and fittings to create pieces that are a true reflection of classic London style. Creating a new collection of travel goods is a new direction for Nette’, each piece will incorporate traditional saddle making techniques all finished by hand using skills she has learned from master saddle maker James Adair. Nette’ Leather goods offers old-fashioned quality with a modern twist. Each piece is hand-crafted in London, made to last and only gets better with age.

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