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Nickel & Suede pioneered the leather teardrop earring

Liberty, United States

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Nickel & Suede was officially founded in 2014 after our co-founders, Kilee and Soren, pioneered the leather teardrop earring. Kilee first thought of the design during a search for the perfect color earring to match one of her outfits. While all her gold jewelry was much too yellow, a leather piece she had ordered earlier that week was the perfect hue. Sitting in her room, she traced a pair of her favorite teardrop earrings, cut them out, and attached some hooks. Not only was the look exactly what she wanted, but the leather earrings were incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Even better — they also had a distinct and dynamic movement every time she walked or turned her head. As the first to design and craft such a unique earring, there was an understandable surge of popularity that catapulted Nickel & Suede to the forefront of the leather jewelry industry. We soon started designing leather chokers, cuffs, and so much more to keep up with the demands of our loyal customers. Every piece at Nickel & Suede is designed and handcrafted in Liberty, Missouri to ensure the quality and durability of American made products. In addition to genuine leather jewelry, our collection also includes women’s basic tees, as well as Nickel & Suede approved accessories. Visit us online to learn more.