Onirikal Studio



Digital Visual Effects and 3D animation company. WWW.ONIRIKAL.COM Onirikal Studio mainly focuses on the design and creation of digital visual effects for film. Being involved from the beginning (in preproduction), shooting supervision on location, production and creation of the visual effects, to the final delivery of the complete shots to the lab. Always following a meticulous plan of work and attention to the detail of each shot, to final delivery for grading. Over the past three years, Onirikal Studio has made high-quality visual effects in some Spanish feature films like: - “The hidden face” (Fox International/Dynamo). - “Painless” (“Insensibles”), (Roxbury/Les films d’Antoine). - "The possession of Emma Evans", (Filmax). - "The Valdemar Legacy", ( La Cruzada Entert.). - "The forbidden shadow", ( La Cruzada Entert.). - “Blind alley” (“Callejón”), (Antena3/Roxbury/Dynamo). - “Atrocious” (“Atroz”), (Nabu Films/Silencio Rodamos ). - “The butterflies man”, (Somnia Ars). -“Southern cross” (Silencio Rodamos). - “Lock Up” (“Cruzando el límite”), (Filmax). - ...... IMDB link, Onirikal Studio: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0290945/ Facebook link, Onirikal Studio : http://www.facebook.com/onirikalstudio IMDB link, Luis Tinoco: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3324609/ LInkedIN link, Luis Tinoco: http://www.linkedin.com/in/luistinocovfx