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London, United Kingdom

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Why ? - We believe there is creativity to unfold and bridge to build for our generation living in 21st Century London. The way of life is slowly changing as the city becomes home to various sub-cultures. What? - We as individuals came up together to combine our talents and ideas to shape this project into a part of our life. The existence of this project itself is the expression of our own journey we have experienced so far and will experience along the way. We are building a bridge that will merge and blend our experience like a fine piece of art that has seamlessly stroke on the canvas. We believe that our project can reach out to not just an individual who has a similar mind-set and grew in an environment like us but also individuals who are generally interested in culture, applied art and Music. How? -OON is a contemporary applied art & music platform that believes on expressing creative story of sub-culture generation that are “LOST IN LIMINAL”

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