Imagine. The cinema is yours.

London, United Kingdom



Launched in 2014, ourscreen is the UK’s foremost crowdsourced cinema platform, changing the way you watch films in the cinema. In three simple steps, ourscreen allows you to host a screening of your favourite film at your local cinema. Screenings can be exclusively for you and your friends or for anybody who wants to come. If enough people book tickets, the screening takes place. Our site features hundreds of film screenings at a choice of 150 cinemas across the UK, from cult classics to modern masterpieces, and we offer independent feature films the opportunity to crowdsource their audience, helping them get a full UK cinema release. We believe in the power of cinema and that the experience of watching films on the big screen in a packed-out cinema is how films deserve to be seen. That’s why we constantly refresh our catalogue so we can offer you as many films as we possibly can. We’ve brought Spice World back to the big screen, let people discover What We Do In The Shadows, and had 400 fans “Get to the choppa!”. What’s next is up to you.

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