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London, United Kingdom

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Whether inside or outside your home or office, Patch ( helps you choose the best plants for you, delivers them to your door and helps you look after them. Patch’s website has simple filters to help novice gardeners determine which plants will live most happily in their space, based on the size of the space and the amount of light and wind. Patch delivers anywhere in central London within a few days and then do their best to help you care for your plants through care reminders and excellent customer service. Patch is looking to fill a gaping hole left by traditional garden centres, which are becoming few and far between in London due to rising property prices and have been slow to develop good online offerings. Traditional garden centres are preoccupied with serving older, more experienced gardeners with larger gardens. Patch caters for younger urbanites looking to make the most of the small spaces in the corners of their living rooms, balconies and window boxes.

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