Patch Places

Creating a 'Work Near Home' world

London, United Kingdom


We are Patch and we have a vision for Work Near Home, a world where life and work are in concert not in competition. Our mission is to empower millions of people to work near to what matters to them, by building a national network of community-led, Work Near Home co-working clubs. - Access productive work when and where you need it. Ending the farce of commuting 5 days a week. - Create and support neighbour networks. Facilitating deeper connections near home for what matters. - Invest in local, circular economies. Stocking local suppliers and keeping day to day spend closer to home. - Rehabilitate our health and environment. Promote walking and cycling, and reduce unnecessary transport. - Make family an unfair advantage. Be closer to elderly and child care needs, building local support networks. - Grow a national skills network. Jobs, training and talent available for who you are, not where you live. - Most of all, Work Near Home means flexibility and choice. - If you spend more time near home, you are closer to your favourite community group, yoga class, friends, community group or just the high street you love. Taken together, Work Near Home means unlocking more sustainable and balanced lifestyles.

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