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Piccolo is an award-winning baby food brand with a mission to encourage healthy eating from a young age - all of their fruit, vegetable purees and textured meals are 100% natural and organic and based on family recipes. Piccolo was founded in early 2016 by Catherine Gazzoli, previously chief executive at Slow Food UK, with co-founders Alice Fotheringham and Kane O'Flaherty. The brand has an unrivalled collection of stage 1 and stage 2 pouches, including a range of single fruit blends holding Fairtrade ingredients, unique fruit flavours incorporating beetroot and kale, as well as veg only blends and delicious stage 2 meals. Piccolo promises the perfect balance for little ones with its fresh flavours and 100% organic ingredients that have been ethically sourced and consider provenance. This is what makes Piccolo a cut above the rest. Reflecting Cat’s Italian roots the brand celebrates the Mediterranean approach to health and wellbeing that champions fresh ingredients, lovingly prepared and shared with friends and family. Piccolo believes that Mediterranean goodness is all about promoting that life is better when there is a balance in areas such as nutrition, flavour, family and community. As the first baby food brand to work in partnership with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), the UK’s largest parenting charity, as well as providing food education classes in disadvantaged areas with sister charity The Food Education Foundation, Piccolo is giving back in more ways than one.

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