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Pinegrove Leather



Pinegrove Leather is an artisan craft workshop in the Yorkshire Pennine town of Hebden Bridge, set up by Rod Boyes and Lou Comerford Boyes. They have now been joined by craftspeople Rachel, Judith and Helen, in a new workshop provided by The Egg Factory, a cooperative space set up to promote local craft businesses. Since its inception, Pinegrove's product focus has been high quality cases and accessories for musical instruments. Our specialities are cases for harmonicas, drumstick bags and guitar straps & accessories. The Pinegrove design ethos is based on high quality heavyweight leather with beautiful natural grain and pattern. Our pieces usually feature a cut edge, which means you can see the thickness of the leather. (Most other leather goods have a hemmed edge as they are made from very thin leather, backed with cardboard or plastic sheet.) All of our products are carefully designed in-house. Every one has had a long succession of tested protoypes behind it. Design improvements continue throughout a product's lifetime, as we value and respond to customer feedback. All of our products are made in our workshop or in other small workshops in the UK. We care for all the people involved with Pinegrove, as we believe this is the best way to nurture a cooperative spirit. We also like to have a friendly and excited atmosphere in the workshop! Rod is himself a vocalist and guitarist. He has over 20 years experience playing bluegrass, cajun, western swing and even punk. His current band is The 309s, who explore a range of popular 1940s & 50s styles that influenced the birth of rock 'n' roll. The Pinegrove name comes from a well known Cajun song, The Pinegrove Blues, by Aldus Roger, a favourite song from Rod's 10-year spell in a Cajun band. Pinegrove's home town of Hebden Bridge is a small place with a long history, situated at the meeting point of three beautiful, steep-sided wooded valleys. It is the north of England's centre for art and creativity, with art & craft studios, small business innovation units and independent shops & cafes.