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Pitch and Sync is an independent creative agency with a focus on music, talent and culture. We build creative strategies to make brands mean more to people, and deliver more return on your cultural investment, using whatever channels will do that best. We think all brands can play in culture. PLANNING Earning your way into real conversation will always pay the brand back beyond paying to interrupt it. We use a combination of science, insight and cultural narrative to make this sing. TALENT We represent 1200 of the world's biggest artists, and our connections give us privileged access to the rest. We are firm believers in talent x purpose x data - because an engaged artist will give you more, and engaged reach is better than big dumb numbers. MUSIC We're one of the world's leading music supervision agencies, offering music searches, composition, sound design, audio branding and licensing for many of the world's biggest brands and boldest campaigns. Plus our own music library and a fully equipped Central London studio. AUDIO BRANDING We use cutting-edge cognitive techniques, which we call Emotional Sonics, to explore and define a brand's audio landscape, in order to create meaningful cultural connections between people and brands in the briefest yet most powerful of moments. CREATIVE PURPOSE We create campaigns that have a reason for existing beyond the transactional, shifting the dial where possible for justice, fairness, diversity and sustainability.



Music + Sound Awards - Best Use of Existing Music

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  • 2015 Music + Sound Awards_ http://pitchandsync.com/work/music-supervision/1579

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