Quality Fly S.A.


Address: Aeropuerto de Madrid Cuatro Vientos, Carretera de la Fortuna, s/n, Madrid, 28054, Spain Phone: +34 914 11 77 94 Email: customer@qualityfly.com With students from over 30 countries, Madrid based Quality Fly is an international school providing airline-focused training to prepare its students for today's competitive airline industry. The school works closely with each student, starting from the first day of classes to the last preparations for securing career. Its Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) Integrated training program is one of the most affordable in Europe and can take someone with no flight expertise for being certified in Europe as a commercial airline pilot in as little as twelve months. Quality Fly has one of the best innovative flight school programs in Europe for those looking to become an expert commercial pilot. The ATPL program is designed for a prospective pilot to be able to begin with ground zero, and through an intensive 12 month program, learn anything they need to know and do all the qualifications needed to be able to qualify for a EASA Commercial Pilot's License (CPL). This will allow one to work at all of the top carriers in Europe. This program is much more efficient than traditional modular programs where students are left to plot their own syllabus, often unclear regarding what exactly they need to achieve what they need to become a commercial pilot. Additionally, the integrated training methodology is currently preferred by many of the airlines that are hiring new pilots. An integrated program of study is not only more efficient, it also prepares you better to apply to the major commercial airlines over Europe. The company also provides conventional modular programs as well, like the Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course and the ATPL theoretical course that can help fill in some of the training gaps some people need to achieve their CPL in Europe. For more details visit either qualityfly.com or qualityfly.atpintegrated.com.