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London, United Kingdom


We’re an ambitious and authentic, collaborative and curious collective on a mission to unlock the human ingenuity that powers the world’s organisations. We want to help managers and operators at all levels take ownership of their part of the business, improve profits, and grow professionally by providing smart data and useful, actionable insights. Quorso was created to predictably and repeatedly deliver business results that scale. Quorso has developed and improved hugely over the past few years but our commitment to designing and developing a ground-breaking business improvement tool to make our customers lives more rewarding and profitable remains our primary goal. We also strive to make positive, measurable impact on the way businesses work for the better, empowering and motivating more teams, mirroring our own culture of growth and empowerment. Our commitment to designing, building and launching ground-breaking digital products and services is driven by a unique and open culture. We are united in the belief and passion that we can radically change the world of work.



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