Regal Rogue

The world's quaffing vermouth

Brighton, United Kingdom


Regal Rogue is Australia’s first native vermouth - a handcrafted celebration of 100% Australian wine, blended with native aromatic herbs and spices from the outback - currently available in the UK and Australia, but with ambitious plans for growth into the US in July 2017. Simultaneously disrupting and rejuvenating the category, Regal Rogue is a drinking, or ‘quaffable’ vermouth, meant to be principally enjoyed neat over ice, or partnered with tonic through the aperitif / digestif moment. It’s the perfect wine substitute for any social occasion. Produced in four flavourful varietals; Daring Dry, Lively White, Bold Red and Wild Rose, Regal Rogue is a lower alcohol, more interesting, highly distinctive (and now multi award winning) alternative to wine. A product that draws on the rich traditions of vermouth but turns them on their head to appeal to a new audience…an entirely new style of vermouth altogether. It’s a brand made for those idyllic, fun-filled, stylish and social moments of the calender, especially those in the summer months: an afternoon by the pool, that cool house party, a long lunch on the beach, early evening drinks as the sun goes down or a barbeque with friends. Regal Rogue is the quaffable comeback for vermouth.