The request virtual envrionment.


Request-World is a virtual broadcasting system for the upcoming music artist community to promote their latest music as full premier immersive experiences before they play formally at other live events in person, and release their music to the request media platform. The request-team aims to create game-like environments for upcoming artists to broadcast their latest music to larger undiscovered crowds online. Our aim is to incentify the content submission of dreamy environments spaces that fans and musicians will love to share a premier release experience within. To achieve this aim, we are rewarding request-cryptocurrency coins to the content submission ideas of dreamy environment spaces found by community members online. Alongside the request-club the request-team aims to add a live function for creators to broadcast their latest live performance as full production music video and immersive experiences. The request-team aims to expand the immersive experience into the request-world function of one of the many websites. The Request-World Within this world, community members will be able to experience the full production release of the latest music made by creators within the creator community. Request-Community-Members will be given the opportunity to spend their credit earnt via submissions to the platform, as we reserve finance for those without the money to invest in the early company with real equitable finances to match the real cash of investment bankers. The Request-Store Plus consumers can spend their money earnt on the latest digital virtualisation garment technology, objects, and physical goods that emerge from the co-creative process of the full-production processes within the request-store. How to become a Request Community Member? tbc...