sin'ce 1997 till' infinity

Berlin, Germany

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BJ03RN ™ Driven by an eager restlessness for more, I am consistently developing further expertise in photo, film, movie, print, and textile - currently studying at NSSF Berlin. S1997 ® c/o BJ03RN™ In addition to my personal project and studies, the studio aims to work in collaboration with numerous artists and friends to extend it's design ethics. Located in Berlin, Germany, the studio is operated by Founder Björn Sindermann. INTERV13WS c/o S1997 ® c/o BJ03RN™ INTERV13W magazine's intent is to provide a platform for my friends and fellow artists, which can serve as an introduction to their work. I'm interested in what drives, and what inspires them, why they started and what they do it for, simply who are the souls behind their craft.

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