Menswear Brand

London, United Kingdom


Saalection is founded in 2019 by the creative director, Salman Al Khalifa. The brand plays with the relationship between gender and clothing. Drawing inspirations from Middle Eastern and East Asian cultures to create staple pieces that are timeless and chic. Saalection uses innovative cuts and asymmetrical elements while maintaining a minimal and elegant aesthetic. “Form and Function” is the main slogan. The component of asymmetry was chosen as the brand’s identity; the inspiration derives from the urban evolution of Bahrain and the designer’s drive from the desert to the capital, Manama. The brand also reflects Salman’s emotional journey as an individual, also his creativity. Our products are made locally from the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. Saalection aims to minimize fabric waste by adopting a pre-order system, some products are pre-made in small quantities.

People who have worked with Saalection