Saf & Sade

Uniting human race in the details of life.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


PHILOSOPHY We are Saf & Sade. A united movement established to push the boundaries of human beauty and rawness. Through authentic campaigns our brand creates a continuum of qualitative fashion essentials. Determined, influential and of artistic mind. Saf & Sade carries great attention to detail from thought to execution. The mindful usage of high-end materials combined with the accessibility of the fashion essentials achieves power by impact. THE POWER COUPLE Saf & Sade is a creative marriage between us. Volkan, the artist and Adwitya, the visionair. We represent the power couple that engages continuously in memories of art, seen or experienced by us throughout the moments of life. This has persisted in the work for Saf & Sade. The aim of the artistry and the intention of the brand is to influence the thoughts of the audience in a profound and neoteric manner. With the conceivement, construction and implementation of unconventional art and marketing Saf & Sade is on it’s way to make a substantial impression on the world. TEAM CULTURE By respecting the open-mindedness of the individual and fostering the power of teamwork, our team strives to create responsible, worldly and remarkable impressions.