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Book hotels. Earn points. Travel for free.

London, United Kingdom


Launched in January 2020, Safara is reinventing the way people book their travel online and introducing a membership model to the hotel industry. Safara is a members-only hotel booking platform that converts hidden fees (up to 30%) applied by all other hotel booking websites into points that members can put towards their next booking, or save up for free vacation stays. Safara’s launch has been covered by Vogue UK, The Evening Standard and Harpers BAZAAR, AFAR, Travel + Leisure, and many more. "Safara is switching up an out-of-date industry with a subscription-based model that allows members to keep the commission that regular sites pocket, with every booking earning points that go towards the cost of your next stay"  – Vogue UK ‘This New Club Will Help You Save Money at Some of the Trendiest Hotels in the World’  – Travel + Leisure