Saint John Design

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom


Welcome to a design consultancy for changing times. Saint John is a highly experienced design consultancy with proven brand, print and digital experience, and a broad international portfolio. We’re cosmopolitan, informed and savvy to what’s happening in branding and design, and more importantly, what’s happening in the wider world. Combining creative and strategic thinking, we always look at the big picture to deliver on a client’s objectives. Some things, however, never change: relationships, quality of thinking, service. These are our focus. We’d add one more: simplicity. In an increasingly busy communications space, simplicity is the most important factor. We have extensive experience in helping organisations and businesses define, organise and express their brands, both on and off-line. We bring a unique, fresh perspective to not only design challenges but also changes in customer behaviour, technology and world events. We are not afraid to ask the difficult questions and point out the obvious issues. Working across a wide range of business sectors, our intention is always the same – to deliver intelligent, consistent and compelling communications that enhance our clients’ brand reputation and build their financial success. What exactly do we do? The short answer is tell stories; helping leading companies find their voices and tell a story that is heard. We work in a holistic way, crossing between specialised disciplines to deliver these stories in an integrated way. We measure our success in the performance of our design work and the relationships we have with our clients. Brand identity, Brand strategy, Brand expression, Brand management, Naming, Websites, Annual reports, Literature, Marketing, Video