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Sam's Oriental Rugs is an expert in the Turkish Rugs Cleaning and Repair of Traditional rugs in Plano Texas with 20 years of experience in their fields. Sam's Oriental Rug, is one of the eminent Persian rugs cleaning in Dallas provides services for all kinds of rugs and carpets. They even reestablish your Modern rugs, Handmade Persian rugs to make it as new. You can get the gaps and tears in your rugs and carpets fixed by them.



Traditional Cleaning Rugs in Plano Texas 


  • Sam’s Oriental Rugs provides the best Persian carpet cleaning service And they provide you the services of professional cleaners who have 20 years plus experience. And they provide both commercial and residential services at any time and season. There are many companies which provide rug cleaning services but Sam’s Oriental Rugs provides you traditional, modern, or any rug repairing and cleaning services at an affordable rate. So, If you have any queries or want to contact the best rug cleaning services company then contact Sam’s Oriental Rugs today. They will definitely provide you with the best services and are happy to assist you.