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Great Screenplays Start With Development


At Script Compass, we develop scripts to inspire directors and actors, captivate producers, and motivate investors and distributors. We'll help you to transform a story idea into a working script, while also making it an enjoyable experience. The smart way to get a better script in fewer drafts. Experience has taught us that a collaborative approach gives the best results. We tailor our packages to your needs, to ensure your story grows to its full and unique potential. Unlike companies that provide script notes, we are development consultants. Providing notes is one small part of a larger, more comprehensive, and managed, development process. Creative collaboration is the key to success. We aim to help you produce a script capable of propelling your ambitions to the next level. Our industry-standard development process is simple, practical, and good value for money. We help you to avoid mistakes and expensive failures. Development is the most important stage of filmmaking but one that can often be overlooked. A film is made or broken by the quality of the script. We’re a team of working filmmakers with complementary perspectives and skills. We have expertise collaborating with filmmakers from all backgrounds. Our diverse experience across the film industry is what informs our development process. Our feedback combines our expertise to help every project reach its full potential.

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