Shelisa Bainbridge

Leadership Coaching


100 Kellogg Ln #409 London ON N5W 2T5 Canada (416) 809-3444 With over 20 years of corporate leadership experience, Shelisa has seen firsthand what takes place when leadership training is concentrated only at the Executive level. The change-makers as well as visionaries, whether individual contributors or level-one leaders, lack the empowerment they need to innovate, produce, collaborate, and also lead with impact. Under ShelisaB Inc. she leverages her corporate leadership know-how to assist new and aspiring leaders develop long-term impact. She is passionate about bringing leadership training to new leaders and also individual contributors that get on a leadership track. Shelisa currently offers two levels of services: services for organizations, and also leadership training and coaching for people. Free coaching material, including her blog, videos, and Influence Guide are available here under "Freebies." Everybody should have access to career-changing opportunities. Take the guesswork out of your career trajectory as well as catapult your success in record time with on-demand resources and also in-person coaching.