Soccer Stars Academy Annan



• Annan Swimming & Leisure Centre St Johns Road, Annan DG12 6AQ United Kingdom • 07972309928 Football Practices for Kids of Both Sexes Children as young as 18 months and as old as 9 years are welcome to join our football sessions. We host football clinics for kids of 4 different ages in Annan. Ages 18 months to 3 years old are Twinkle Stars. The Twinkle Stars are the youngest age group in our curriculum, beginning at 18 months. These courses are to prepare kids for the following level of social and motor advancement, where they can communicate with their peers more actively and independently. The goal of our Twinkle Stars classes is to give youngsters an excellent initial experience with sports as well as exercise. Parents and also kids will certainly enjoy these lively and also engaging sessions. Promising Performers, Ages 3 to 4 The Shining Stars are carrying on our tradition of entertaining football. Our objective in this follow-up class for children aged 18 months to 3 years old is not just to teach them the fundamentals of football, however also to help them grow in confidence as well as intelligence. Children's imagination, focus, and memory are all boosted through engaging football-themed games and activities like once a week themes. Anna offer engaging football programmes for children. Pick a time and date that works for you! Young Achievers: Grades K-- 2 In this lineup, our Shooting Stars show off a new set of skills! Each week, we work with kids of any ages to improve their fundamental football abilities. Skills like dribbling, controlling the round, safeguarding, shooting, and passing are among them. At this age, we also introduce our "skills to beat gamers" version, however our leading priority is making sure every youngster has a good time. Promising Performers, Ages 7 to 9 Our sports training finishes with the Super Stars group. The emphasis is on fostering further growth in the young players' talents and also abilities. Our football trainers stress the development of spatial awareness, an understanding of positions, tactics, and strategy, and also the introduction of more complex skills to beat challengers. Annan are offering exciting youth soccer programmes. Advantages of Our Football Instruction We are committed to helping each and every child who enrols in our classes reap the benefits of beginning their athletic careers at a young age. There are many advantages that your children can use in other areas of their lives as well.