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"Founded in London over 16 years ago, the development of Spring has run parallel to the expansion of the creative industries. The Spring business has worked with many of the world’s leading fashion brands and fashion editorial. We tailor brand stories to position them within the appropriate channels and platforms: from beautiful high-end print and editorial, to digital campaigns, mobile experiences, social media and eCommerce. We work with our clients to drive an elegant balance between brand and commercial objectives. We develop our own innovative technologies & build narratives for brands that reach across the multichannel landscape. Our approach is 360°, multi-channel, and centered around the consumer.

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23 days ago
  • Level Senior
  • Professions Producer, Executive Producer , Content Producer
  • Type Full Time
  • Location London, United Kingdom
24 days ago
  • Level Senior
  • Professions Retoucher, Photo Editor, Photographer, Film Editor, E-commerce Manager
  • Type Full Time
  • Location London, United Kingdom