Steve Thornton

Professional Imagery

Atlanta, United States


Steve Thornton - Photographer & Director - Fashion, Beauty, Portrait & Lifestyle Imagery, Still & Motion I am a winner in the ASMP "Best of" award. The ASMP is an international professional photography guild 7000 members strong. I'm based in Atlanta, GA & Milan, Italy. I have a working knowledge of French and Italian. Major client list for stills and/or motion: UPS, Invesco, American Express, General Motors, Valvoline, Hallmark, Citizens, Hyatt, Trane and Ferguson. "Normally", I travel 175 days a year on average. I have been to 48 of the 50 states plus 18 countries from North America to the Caribbean, to Europe to Asia and the Middle East to shoot for clients. Skills: Location scouting and technical scout. Casting of models, actors and real people. Hiring of photo assisting crew. Hiring of styling/art crew: Makeup artist, Hair stylist, Wardrobe stylist, Set stylist, Food stylist. Direct models and/or actors. Working with my producer and client to generate a shot list and schedule. Direct crew and styling team to achieve the images and/or video our client needs. Strong ability to solve problems on the fly. Funny and hires crew who are fun to work with and deliver what our client needs. Ability to shoot the same shot differently allowing the client to build a library of images quickly. I work fast and I can “see” the finished image before shooting it. Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects. Not a pain in the neck. I have great styling and assisting crews in Atlanta, NYC, California & Milan, Italy. I have the passion to create wonderful images and videos. I just love to shoot.



"Best of" award


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