Swords For Sale: Hand-Forged Samurai & Ninja Swords

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(579) 485-0392 info@swordsfor.sale Buy a hand forged sword that will certainly last generations. The sword of your dreams, personalized just for you. Our objective is basic: to create the most customized swords possible at a budget friendly price. Whether you're a martial arts practitioner, a sword collector, or even more of a sword aficionado, we got you covered. Our main ambition is to delight our clients. To do that, we use a combination of two things: 1 - Precise, efficient craftsmanship by master swordsmiths. 2 - Unparalleled customer service. Our specialty is in traditional Japanese swords (nihontō). Yet, we also create European longswords and traditional Chinese swords such as the Dao and also the Jian.