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We are the Disruption agency. If you’re not disrupting, you’re conforming. If you’re conforming, you’re going unnoticed. We want our clients’ brands to be noticed, to have a role in people’s lives, to make all of the other brands in the category the me-toos. So we disrupt. Disruption is our starting point and our guiding light. It isn’t a buzzword of the month. It’s a unique TBWA way of thinking. A proven, successful, collaborative business tool that helps us forge a unique path for the growth of our clients’ brands. We disrupt for adidas, Apple, Nissan, Lidl, Sotheby’s, Harrods and Aquafresh and many others. It’s the art of asking unexpected questions in order to get to a place nobody else has discovered. Ask the same old questions, you get the same old answers. And old gets you nowhere. By going deeper, by being more curious, by looking anew, we get a radically different viewpoint. And from there, it’s easier to work out how best to re-frame any brand's world to a shape that suits our clients. It’s only by coming at a problem from a new angle that we can command attention, charm people, move them, get them to act. The status quo is there to be upset. Let’s upset it. Let’s disrupt it.

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