Teleport Pictures

Abstract motion and animation studio.

London, United Kingdom

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I am a motion and animation studio operating globally. Former game designer and electronic musician. Creating immersing, addictive and abstract, but representational motion branding, vfx, and artistic animation for music, fashion, technology and innovation firms. Worked with Hozier, Tidal, The LNCC, TBD Conference, The Late Misters, and Warner Bros Games. VISION FOR YOUR BRAND? A concept naturally grown from the background of your brand. With the roots in history of art and design, but with original twist. Powerful symbolism and beautiful momentums caught in movement. Modern work shouldn’t lose soul in favour of technological possibilities. We don’t follow visual trends, we overshadow them. We don’t copy, we create paths for others. Although we can sense the next trend for you before it will hit. Let me take you somewhere else...